Wherever life takes you, the Gen1 Architectural Group is ready to design your dreams.

For over 30 years, VerBurg + Associates has proven itself as a design leader in the West Michigan area. From corporate offices to industrial plants, religious institutions to residential homes, the quality and integrity incorporated into their design work is proudly on display throughout our communities.

Gen1 Architectural Group is committed to carrying on this fine tradition of creative and intelligent design by building on a solid reputation for quality and moving it forward into the 21st Century.

The Gen1 Architectural Group Family:

GenOne Architectural Group

Gen1 Architectural: Specializing in commercial structures, Gen1 Architectural has extensive experience designing a wide variety of commercial buildings. These include office buildings, industrial plants, churches, municipal and educational facilities, and much more.

At Gen1, we realize that the decision to build is a major one, never to be taken lightly. We strongly believe that maintaining the proper lines of communication are just as important as the artistry of our design. We will work closely with you throughout all phases of the design process and construction to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the end product.


GenOne Architectural Group

Gen1 Engineering: Covering the technical side of architecture and design, Gen1 Engineering specializes in making sure commercial projects work exactly as designed. Our work encompasses all aspects of design engineering in order to ensure every structure functions safely and properly to avoid damage to the structure itself or to the nearby environment.

Some of the areas Gen1 Engineering focuses on are total site design, road/driveway/sidewalk/parking infrastructures, stormwater management, drainage control, and wastewater systems. We ensure every structure and site exceeds all local, state, and federal building codes in order to ensure optimal performance, occupant safety, and care for the surrounding environment.


GenOne Architectural Group

Gen1 Design: Gen1 Design focuses on custom residential home design. Your home is a reflection of who you are and what is important to you. It is your sanctuary; a place to relax, entertain, maybe even work. In other words, a home is where your life happens.

We are proud to be able to create a home that fulfills your dreams but also reflects the realities of everyday life. Our homes are designed with creativity and imagination, but are exactly what you want them to be, with an important focus on energy-efficiency and sustainability to protect and conserve our planet's precious natural resources.



GenOne Architectural Group

Green Home Source: The newest member of the Gen1 Family, Green Home Source is designed to be a one-stop online resource for anyone interested in environmentally-sustainable living. From green product reviews to instructional articles on maximizing energy savings to beautiful green home plans, Green Home Source is YOUR source for green living.

Gen1 Architectural Group specializes in design solutions that reflect the needs of the Client and Community, as well as a deep respect for our natural environment. We start with your thoughts, ideas, dreams, and needs. Then, with our skill, talent, and creativity, we blend these into a final design that not only matches your every expectation, but exceeds them on every level.